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A little about me

My passion and love for photography stems back over 20 years.  I recall the day I purchased my first Pentax®, manual film body camera... it was love at first click!  I have since studied the art through various mediums and have earned 8 placement awards for my nature and compositional photography over the past 6 years.  I have recently diverted my focus and enjoyment toward portrait photography, which I thoroughly enjoy.  There is nothing more rewarding for me than to capture moments in motion, providing photographic documentation of our lives to cherish with our friends and loved ones... for generations to come.
As an added benefit, I am also a Graphic Designer, which greatly assists with the creative part of post production.
I came up with the name Azpecs, which is derived from the word "aspect", meaning:
- A particular look or facial expression.
- Appearance to the eye, especially from a specific vantage point.
- A way in which something can be viewed by the mind: looked at all aspects of the situation.
- A side or surface facing in a particular direction.
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